Swiftline is a set of tools to help you create command line applications.

Whats included

Swiftline consists the following:

  • Colorize: Helps adding colors to strings written to the terminal
  • Ask: Choose and agree: Easily create prompt for asking the user more info
  • Run: A quick way to run an external command and read its standard output and standard error.
  • Env: Read and write environment variables ruby-flavored
  • Args: Parses command line arguments and return a hash of the passed flags
  • More components to come….


You can install Swiftline using cocoapods,


pod 'Swiftline'


github 'Swiftline/Swiftline'

Cocoapods + Rome plugin

If you want to use swiftline in a script you can use Rome cocoapod plugin. This plugin builds the framework from the pod file and place them in a Rome directory.

platform :osx, '10.10'
plugin 'cocoapods-rome'

pod 'Swiftline'


A list of examples can be found on github

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